When is it that you have actually learned enough? I get asked this question a lot especially from people who are in business or wanting to start a business. Most if not all of them are worried about learning more. They have this made-up belief that you need to learn more before you can actually do something like it’s some sort of prerequisite. And my response whenever I hear them say they need to learn more is, “Why do you need to learn that? Why don’t you just get started?”

For business owners who are having doubts about their knowledge, I have three pieces of advice for you.

Firstly, never stop learning. Learning should be a continuous process. Regardless of where you are in your life or in your business, I am a big believer that learning has to be continuous. If you are contemplating about shifting careers or starting a new business venture, you don’t have to spend years learning new skills to be good at it. Start now and eventually you’ll learn the ropes and acquire new skills.

Secondly, what you learn, you can then teach. Every time you learn something new, share it with others. I have this belief that we have a moral obligation to share our knowledge with other people. Some of you may not have the confidence to share what you know with others because you’ve only been in business for a year. Well, guess what? Business owners who have just started out would want to know what you did in your first year. You see, you’ve been in business longer than they have even if it’s just for a year and a lot can happen in one year. Even if you don’t see it that way, you will always have something valuable to offer them. Never underestimate your knowledge. You don’t have to be in business for decades before you can start sharing your experiences and expertise with others.

Thirdly, grow yourself and then grow others. Typically, before takeoff, your flight attendant would demonstrate safety instructions. Notice that they instruct you to put your own oxygen mask first before you can help your child with their mask. That’s how it is with learning. Before you can share something to your team or your strategic alliances, you must also grow yourself in knowledge. Again, you don’t have to spend years learning, what you have now – the experiences and the expertise, those are already enough because there are people out there who are going through problems that you’ve been through or challenges that are similar to yours and they may be looking for someone who can help them, someone just like you.

And so I encourage you to share your message with others and be an inspiration to people. Never stop learning, strive to share what you learn and continue to grow yourself.

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