Everyone has problems and no one is exempt. Even the richest person on the planet has his or her fair share of problems and that’s what I want to talk about today, problems.

What do you do when you have them? More often than not people tend to focus on all the problems they have. When people talk to me they literally just hand me a list of all their problems hoping that I can supply them with solutions. My advice may not be a direct solution to whatever problem you may have at that moment but it’s a general solution that can cover all of your existing and future life and business problems. My suggestion is stop focusing on the problem because if you do, you’re only going to have more problems. Do you ever feel that the universe is against you? You’re not imagining it and the reason why you feel that you are being bombarded with problems is because it’s all you think about. You need to refocus. Focus on the solution rather than the problem. Instead of being a problem-finder you should be a solution-finder.

The more time you spend thinking about solutions, the more possible solutions you’ll come up with and when you do, the problem will lessen and you’ll feel more in control. Believe me, you’ll feel a whole lot better if you stop worrying about all the problems in your life and business.

I’d like to conclude by saying don’t focus on every problem, always make it a habit to focus on the solution and your life will be great!

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