As a storyteller, whether online, offline, on large stages, or in small stages, you must share a few things with your audiences within your story.


The pain that either you went through or if you’re telling a third-party story, the pain that was evident in the beginning. 


Where did you go to look for an outcome? Where did you go for the solution? Who did you speak to? Where did you search? What event did you attend? 

It’s about that search. The people sitting in front of you in the audience are searching. If they’ve got the same pain as you had, then they will be searching for that solution. 


Which is the seed to your solution? It’s your service or product most of the time. But to gain credibility from the stage, which is to any online or offline when I talk about the stage, is that you must share the outcome because they will not do business with you if they feel you’re still in pain or like them in the search. 

You must be very clear that you found an outcome to that pain point for you. If you’re designing your story, make sure you cover off these three things: PAIN, the SEARCH, and the OUTCOME.

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