How often do you celebrate your successes? Do you celebrate it at all? What I notice about entrepreneurs today is they are so engrossed thinking of ways to grow their business and increase their earnings that they spend very little time, if at all, celebrating their victories.

For some reason, business owners have conditioned their minds to perpetually chase after an unending list of goals. While it’s perfectly fine to pursue your goals, what’s not okay is if you don’t take the time to celebrate what you have just accomplished. What many people don’t realise is that not celebrating victories may lead you to a burnout.

I am a firm believer of celebrating successes. You see, success is not a destination; it’s actually a journey and unfortunately, this is what many business people fail to see. As business owners, we tend to slave away, working, marketing, strategising day in and day out without giving ourselves a break. I hear even the most highly motivated business people say, “What’s next?” even when they’ve just closed a business deal or reached their maximum sales for the week.

If you are wondering whether or not you should feel guilty about celebrating successes, my answer is a big NO!

You deserve it. Reward yourself for all the work, time and energy you invested not just in your business but in your personal life as well. So, when do you celebrate success?

Firstly, it should be the small steps. No matter how small that accomplishment may seem, take the time to acknowledge it because every small step will eventually build up to be a massive growth in yourself and in your business. So whenever something great has happened in your business, celebrate it with someone. Find someone you can call and say, “Hey, guess what just happened to me?”

Secondly, it should be often and regularly. I want to stress that celebrating doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t necessarily equate to something costly. When I say celebrate it often, I want you to make sure that at the end of every work week, you’ll set a time aside to go over your accomplishments and reflect on the things that you did do instead of the things that you didn’t do. It’s as simple as connecting with a new client, clearing your inbox or being able to exercise three days in a row. Reflecting on the good things, the little successes and achievements are enough to motivate you and fire you up for your next goals.

Thirdly, reward yourself. I have a sweet tooth so I normally reward myself with some dessert. Again, rewards do not have to be expensive but it can be signficant. Remember, you don’t have to earn a million dollars before you give yourself a pat on the back. Whatever achievements you’ve accomplished for the week, regardless of how trivial it may seem for some, celebrate it guiltlessly! Buy yourself a dinner, a bottle of your favourite wine or if you’re like me, a box of your favourite chocolate.

To answer your question on when should you celebrate success, I say, do it as often and as regularly as you can because your efforts deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged.

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