When is the best time to run an event for yourself? You may be a coach or a business owner, or a speaker. You might be thinking about running an event, and I wanted to give you some tips and tricks about when you should or shouldn’t run an event.

There Must Be a Need for What You’re Going to Share With the Audience.  

It used to be the old saying, “build it, and they will come.” Well, that’s not real in most circumstances. What is it that people need? People will be asking you for it or wanting help with it, and you’ll identify this need in the marketplace for this information to be shared. 

Look for the need first before you go and build because you can build the most amazing structured event, yet it’s of no interest to anyone, then you will waste your time.

Get Clear on the Outcome.

Have the clarity. If I, as an attendee, come to your event.

What am I going to take away?

What am I going to learn?

What am I going to achieve? or 

How is my thinking or behavior going to change?

As the person designing the event, you must have real clarity on what your attendees outcome is because they might say to you, “I want to learn to speak from stage,” and then as an event organizer we’re going to make sure that we are sharing with those attendees the information that makes them a good speaker from stage.

It’s Got to Be Fun.  

You want to do it, you will enjoy doing it. It’s not something that you’re doing it because you have to do it. You feel that sense of enjoyment when you start talking about it, and you’ll get excited thinking about how you’re going to change other people’s lives.

These are the three things you should consider when thinking about running an event.

  • One is there a need in your community or your environment 
  • Two, have the clarity of what the outcome is of running that event and 
  • Three, make sure you’re passionate, fun, excited, and feel some enjoyment around that event.  

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