A lot of people say, “They had these big dreams and plans and goals but never really did anything about it.”  Do you wonder why?

It’s good to wonder, but why didn’t they fulfill those dreams? Why didn’t they take action and go ahead? Well, sometimes they did. Let’s go through it.

Firstly, sometimes people tell you “It’s impossible”, and then you start believing that. When it’s going to get tough people go, “You’ll never do it, you’ll never achieve it, that’s ridiculous.”

When it does get a bit tough, those comments start to come in and play havoc in our self-talk. Make sure you’re pushing that away and going, “No, it is possible.”

Secondly, you tried and failed.

People say to me, “I tried, and I failed.” It’s not a failure, it is learnings and then I always say try again. What you need to do is find a better way. If you did that strategy and it didn’t work, find another strategy and another strategy, and keep going until you find the process, the system or the strategy that will get you to where you need to be.

Thirdly, a lot of people say, “i just don’t know how to do it!

“I’ve got this great dream or this plan or this goal, but I just really don’t know how to get there.” That’s when you go and find a coach.

Everybody in business or everyone that has a dream or a goal or a plan need a coach. Go and find somebody that has done what you want to do. Has expertise or experience in coaching. Get a coach and they will help you find the way.

They will know what resources you need to get, what mindset you need to have and you’ll work on all areas of your life and business to achieve your dream.

Think about this now!

You can talk to me about coaching one-on-one with me or I have a really lovely community of coaches who are willing, ready, and able to coach you in your field of expertise.  They have the experience that you may need.

Reach out to me.


Start moving forward to your dream.

Don’t put it in the drawer and put it away. Get it out and start moving towards it.