In this article, I want to talk to you about five things that are holding you back and I wanted to go through them with you to check in and see, “Do I have some unwarranted negative emotions in my life?”

The first one is ANGER. Do you just snap every now and then in an unwarranted way where someone says something? You just go BANG, here it is and ANGER can come and go in ebbs and flows and come on very very quickly. As you compound this ANGER and as ANGER gets compounded over a period of a number of years, what happens is you snap a lot quicker, you snap a lot harsher.

What lies under ANGER is the second one, SADNESS. Some people go, “Oh I’m not sad,” but it shows through in ANGER because ANGER can mask some of these other negative emotions. There may have been something that happened in your life previously and you’re quite sad about it but it’s actually coming out in ANGER.

The third one is FEAR and many people have lots of fears about stuff. They’re fearful about failure, they’re fearful about success, they’re fearful about the future so there’s lots and lots of FEAR around people in business and where they’re heading in their life and business.

The other one is HURT. Have you ever been HURT before? In a relationship, in your family, friends? You might think that it’s just a little incident many years ago but if it compounds into the future, your actions are then holding you back. You might not open yourself up to a relationship because the fear of being HURT is there at an unconscious level.

The last one is GUILT. Some people come to me with loads of GUILT and they don’t even realise they’ve got it; guilty that they’re earning more money than their parents did or their siblings do or GUILT that they’re more successful than other people; guilt that they feel free and have abundance because others cannot feel the same.

These five things; ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT, and GUILT may not be that prominent. They can be quiet little emotions there that are really holding you back at an unconscious level. The first time I heard those five negative emotions, I went, “I don’t have any of those; I don’t have any SADNESS, I don’t have any FEAR” but that was me talking consciously.

At an unconscious level, I did. I had loads of stuff holding me back and when I released these, my businesses catapulted forward and I tripled my business in income immediately and I’ve had the same results with other clients who I’ve helped with a breakthrough session where we release these negative emotions and all of this amazing stuff starts to happen.

What five things are holding you back? It could be one or many and at a conscious level, you may not even know but what I found out is when you release the whole lot, it’s all gone and then you can live a more abundant life, you can have a more fulfilling life.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? You can have that too. It’s not hard to get rid of FEAR, SADNESS, GUILT, HURT, and ANGER. You might go, “This happened to me in my life and I’ll be angry forever because I can’t erase that from my memory.” We can erase the emotion; we don’t have to erase the memory.

We just don’t compound that emotion; we don’t allow that emotion to be compounded. Reach out if you want to release these five negative emotions; if not to me, to somebody who has the modalities. I use TIME LINE THERAPY® AND HYPNOSIS and these can go instantly, easily. You’ll feel amazing results immediately so don’t go it alone.