The question I wanted to ask you today is: Who is your biggest advocate? Who’s got your back? Who’s cheering you on from the sidelines? Who’s that positive person in your life that loves to celebrate in your successes and really get excited about all of those small achievements that you’ve been accomplishing? I want to talk about three people today.

One, maybe your FAMILY. If you have a great relationship with your FAMILY, they CARE deeply for you, they want to support you. A lot of times though, they don’t have KNOWLEDGE about your business, or your passion and they really don’t get your story. They don’t get your why; they don’t have to be on your journey. They don’t have to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing but they have a deep CARE for you.

The other people are OTHER BUSINESS PEOPLE. Sometimes they don’t have a lot of CARE for you but they have a lot of KNOWLEDGE so they can give you tools and strategies and so forth to accomplish your goals. Do they really CARE about whether you succeed or not? No, they may be just selling you a product going, “Here you go,” and don’t really CARE about your results.

The third person that I want to talk about today is your COACH. Now your COACH has both the CARE and the KNOWLEDGE. A great COACH absolutely cares about your success because that’s their success. A COACH, if they just COACH people and they never had any successes, they wouldn’t be in business for very long because, as we know, growing your business by referrals is a really easy way to stay in business long term.

They also have the KNOWLEDGE, they have the strategies, they have the expertise that goes with that CARE and combining the two, you have an amazing COACH. When you’re taking advice or listening to others, think about whether they have CARE or KNOWLEDGE or both because some people can be very caring but don’t have the right advice for you.

Other people have all the expertise but don’t CARE about your success so find a COACH that you feel has the CARE and the KNOWLEDGE for you and that way when you’re making decisions, you know they’re your biggest advocate. They’ve got your back.

They’re cheering you on and they would love to see you succeed and they will give you all the tools for you to get there. Have you got a COACH in your life or your business because my belief is that you must have one. That’s my belief. You go, “Why do I need one Sharon?” Because of the very reasons I’ve just spoken about.

You need someone that has your best interests at heart, that has the KNOWLEDGE to give you the right advice, and that will massively forward momentum you and your life or your business; you’ll move forward at a quicker rate if you have that advocate there cheering you on. When days are tough or times are tough, they’re still there for you patting you on the back and letting you know that everything’s going to be okay if you keep moving forward. If you haven’t got a coach in your life or your business, go and get one. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

You’ll go “why didn’t I do this years ago?” In my there are loads of coaches there that suit all sorts of demographics, price range, expertise, experience and they’re all waiting to help you. In my they’ve all been personally trained by me so I know that they will deliver you the best results. You might go, “I’ve Googled coaching and it brings up six million searches.

How do I know what makes a good COACH?” I’ve coached these coaches to make sure they do have the CARE; they do have the KNOWLEDGE and they can deliver you the results that you’re after. My advice today is take advice from someone who has CARE and KNOWLEDGE is your biggest advocate, your biggest cheerleader, the one that’s got your back every time. Go out and take the action to find that person.