Sometimes you think you know who your ideal client is. But when you go, “Women between 45 and 50.” That’s not your ideal client. You need some more details around that.

  1. Look for your ideal client. Your ideal client is not your perfect client. Your ideal client is a person that will engage you easily and pay you massively.

A lot of coaches come say, “My perfect client is this person who I want to help.” But they do not have the means, the resources, the time, the energy, or money to engage you as a coach, and so you’re looking for that perfect person who you want to work with, but they’re not your ideal client who will pay you.

  1. Get to know who this ideal client is.

It asks these questions around your ideal client: Where do they hang out? What keeps them awake at night? What are they worried about? Where do they live? What car do they drive? How much do they earn? And What’s their situation in life?

You need to chunk down into this detail to really get to know who this person is, so you absolutely have clarity on who your ideal client is.

  1. Find out who is it that you actually want to work with who can pay you and then allow you to help others as well.

One coach said, “I want to help young teenage girls.” She is very passionate about helping these girls but after going through the questionnaire, they are not her ideal clients, they are the people she’s passionate about helping.

Her ideal client was actually a woman over 45. She’s going to talk to and attract women over 45 who will pay her well for her services and then that income will help the teenage girls. In fact, the women who are over 45 may have teenage girls who will pay for her to help the teenage girls after she helped the mother.

It sounds a bit complicated, but it’s a very easy process to go through, so make sure you are attracting the right client who will pay you well.

This is a very simple structure that I go through at my Grow Your Coaching Biz to make sure that you are attracting the right client to your business.

Come along to my Grow Your Coaching Biz. I’ll share more of this strategy with you to make sure that you’re not wasting your time going after somebody or marketing to somebody who has not got the time, energy, or money to engage you as a coach.