When you start growing your business and you start stepping out on your own, people around you will come to you with advice on how to make your business better or maybe even warn you of the consequences that may come your way. This is not a bad thing. In fact, these people want to see you succeed and show that they support you.

However, when it comes to professional business advice, you must be careful. You don’t want be discouraged or even make rushed decisions. I always say that I listen to advice from people who have these following components:

  • People who have real care for your success.

    In your family, you may have siblings or parents who really have a genuine care about your success. That’s great, but they may never have owned a business or they may have just been working for someone else in a long-term environment and so even though as much as they care for you, they don’t have the business acumen that you’re probably looking for. But they are still important because they give you words of encouragement and inspire you.

  • People who have done it before you.

    It may not necessarily be in your industry, it may be in another industry, someone successful and who you want to model in your business or in your industry. People who have successful businesses before you are more experienced and have overcome challenges in their industry.

If you want to learn from a person who has a wide experience in business, visit my group, Amazing Speakers and Coaches where you can get advice in business from me, there are people there who care for your success and who have done it before. When you’re speaker or a coach and speaking is part of your business, I have trained speakers and coaches who learned in a very healthy environment. 

Do you want learn proven methods in growing your business? Do you want to know a few simple techniques before starting your own business? If you want to learn more and find out how to start your journey as a business owner, visit my website for more information. There’s a lot of resources to help you out when you’re first starting and I can help you achieve that.