Are you aware that the thoughts you have in your head can make or break relationships? Today I want to share three of the most common limiting beliefs people have around relationships and the impact these have on your business and in your personal life.

The first limiting belief I hear people verbally express is their fear of rejection. You may or may not be aware of it but the consequences of this fear will become evident if you do not rectify it. Perhaps the question you need to ponder on is “are you taking rejection too seriously?” If you have this ‘fear’ the tendency is you become overly sensitive. Whenever you feel like you are being rejected you’d automatically believe that they don’t like you or you immediately conclude that they do not like your product or they do not want anything to do with you. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the person you are trying to contact is just busy? Or that maybe he just might not be available at the time you proposed to meet? Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Some people are just plain busy. So my advice is you let go of your fear of rejection. Don’t take things too personally instead be persistent and consistent because in the end, all the efforts you’ve exerted will pay off.

The second limiting belief I hear is “am I just settling?” Particularly in personal relationships, I notice that people settle for what is good for now instead of what is good for them. The same goes in business, why do some of us choose to settle with suppliers who are not the best in their industry? Do you ever question yourself why you put up with their crap? Or wonder why you’re okay with substandard quality products? Or why you tolerate supplies that are delivered late? Why would you settle for something or someone whether it’s a supplier, a strategic alliance, a team member or an employee that is clearly not the best in the world? If you care for your business you should aim to surround yourself with the best people who can influence and motivate you to do better.

I also notice this in the coaching industry. A lot of people choose their business coaches based on price. Most if not all of them choose a certain coach because they are cheaper than the rest even though they know he or she isn’t the best out there. My advice is you find a business coach that you think is the best fit for your business so you can experience the best results.

The last limiting belief I hear often enough is “I don’t deserve love.” I want to tell you straight out, everyone deserves to be loved. If you’ve been following me for quite a while you know that in my posts and videos I always make it a point to remind you that you are loved even if you may not know it. There is someone out there who loves you and who needs you. That person may not tell you about it, he or she may not email you or comment on your posts but they are there; watching you, listening to you and loving you from afar. So whenever you feel alone or empty, remember that someone out there does love you.

These are my three limiting beliefs around relationships and I hope you learned a lot today.

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