So many people out in the big wide world saying, “I’m so tired and run down; there’s not enough time.” They feel lethargic and yes we can all talk about our health and well-being but I want to talk to you about something different today. A lot of times when you’re tired, you’re actually not on the right track.

It’s your body telling you that things are sluggish and that you’re not going in the direction that you need to go, so you wanted to ask you a couple of questions today.

Firstly, do you have clear goals? If not, set very clear goals on what you want to achieve because if you don’t know where you’re going, then you will be on the wrong track.

Secondly, get clarity. “I want to earn a million dollars” When? How? How does that look? Is it a million dollars in your bank? Is it a million dollars on the top line? Is it million dollars on the bottom line? In profit? In cash? Do you want to have a million dollars in cash in your mattress? 

What is it? Get clear on who you want to help. What are you here to do? What is your purpose? What is your why? Who is your tribe and community that you want to add value to? Get clarity on all areas of your business and life.

Thirdly, start doing. A lot of people who go, “Here’s my big goal.”  Start doing. What are the first five things I need to do to get me to that goal? What are the next five things? Don’t worry about the whole journey because then we get a bit overwhelmed.

It’s like lights in the car. When you’re traveling overnight, you turn the lights on your car. You get in. You don’t see the whole journey. You just see those few meters, and so it is the same with your business, just start doing.

Know that these daily actions are getting you towards where you want to be every day. Ask yourself, “The action I am doing right now, is that getting me to my goal?” YES or NO. If you are feeling tired, check in with yourself.

Are you on the right track? You might say, “Well this is what I want to do.” But really is that your why? Your purpose? What you would put here to do? First, set your goal. Two, get the clarity, and three, start the doing.

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