A lot of people ask, why do I talk to myself negatively? People beating themselves down saying really awful things to themselves. I often ask the question, “Would you say that to your best friend sitting right beside you?” And often their answer is “No way!” So, why do we do it? I wanted to share with you some reasons or some explanations around why we talk to ourselves negatively:

  1. It is a habit.

We have done it for so long that we just do it without even thinking that we’re doing it and we just keep doing it. It’s just this pattern and strategy of ours that we do daily.

  1. People reinforce these negative beliefs.

Therefore, we’re just reinforcing all the time. You’ll hear someone say, “That’s right! I’m not good enough.” “Yes, that’s correct! I’m not good enough.”  You’re reinforcing what other people are saying. What we need to do is block that out and not allow that to come into our self-talk.

  1. You really haven’t been given a reason to think differently.

You might be thinking you’re not good enough. People are telling you, “You’re not good enough.”  There’s this habit that you’re talking to yourself, yet someone comes along. Sometimes, it’s a person who has an expertise or someone that you look up to or aspire to and they will tell you that “You are good enough!” and give you some reasons why you are.

Therefore, you have a new pathway of thinking and a new pathway of how you talk to yourself.

If you want to think differently, if you want to behave differently, reach out to me.