Let’s talk about procrastination and why do you have it. We all get it at some point but some of us live in a world of procrastination, so I wanted to give you some ideas around why this might be happening for you. If you’re sitting here watching this video and know within yourself there should have been things that you did yesterday or the day before that you should have done and you haven’t, you’re probably sitting in procrastination.

Firstly, a lot of us get into procrastination because of overwhelm. There is just so much to do, there’s so many things we want to do, there’s so many things we want to achieve that it just becomes overwhelming for us. We’re looking at that big picture trying to achieve our big goals and then we’re stuck.

We’re just sitting there, not knowing what to do first or what to do next, at least. You need to really chunk down into “What do I need to do today that’s getting me to my goal.” If you chunked up into your big goals in overwhelm, chunk down into smaller bite size pieces, the smaller actions you can do each day that you know can lead you there. The other reason we tend to sit in procrastination a lot is fear.

Sometimes, we fear failure and we talk about that a lot; you hear people online talking about fear of failure a lot. But what I see is a fear of success a lot. What if this works out for me? What if this really happens? We get stuck in that fear of, not only failure, but also success.

Really check in with yourself and go, “Am I fearful of my own possible success?” The other reason that we hang around in procrastination is our values levels. What’s important to us. Your top five values determine your actions each day. You might go, “Oh yeah, building my business is important to me.”

You might say that consciously but at an unconscious level, it may not be in your highest values level. Really you need to check in at unconscious level. What is important to you, what are your values, and have them readjusted. If you think that you are being held back by your unconscious behaviour; you’re doing all the right things, you’re saying the right things, you’re consciously talking positively to yourself, what is it that’s holding you back in an unconscious level?

If you feel like there’s something there at an unconscious level, reach out to me, I work with people one-on-one to move up those unconscious values. It’s an easy process, we can just move them up for you and your actions and behaviours will change at an unconscious level.

You won’t have to work any harder, you won’t have to chant anymore, you will just automatically do it. If you think that’s one of the things that may be holding you back or holding you in procrastination, please reach out to me, I’d love to have a chat with you and let you know what the process is, or how I can help you.