A struggling client base can hurt your numbers while also affecting your beliefs and confidence as a business owner. Getting a certain number of clients isn’t just a numbers game. You do not need thousands of clients. You just need ideal clients who can pay you the right amount of money and those that value you’re worth. 

The more clients you have who are paying the right amount of money, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more people you can help. Getting back on track should be more manageable regardless of your present circumstances. These three areas might be the reason why you don’t have a lot of clients.

Where You Are Hanging Out Will Make a Big Difference 

Are you hanging out with your friends, or are you hanging out with your potential clients? If you are trying to attract more people into your business as clients, then you should hang out with your potential clients. Whether online or offline, you should let them know that you’re there. 

A lot of people start a business and expect clients to come flooding into their businesses. But the reality is, the business does not work this way. You can’t attract more clients if they don’t even know you exist, are unaware of what you do, and are clueless about how you can help people. 

Build Strong and Long Term Relationships

Are you forming strong relationships with strategic alliances that work with clients you would like to work with? These relationships are really important. Many people think that by simply talking to their clients, tribe, or community, they can easily swipe the table and expect everybody to buy. But that’s not what it is all about. 

It’s about building strong relationships, adding value to that community or tribe, and establishing a long-term relationship. But if your mindset is just to get clients, it’s not going to work long-term. Make sure that you are thinking about the end game, and not just what you can get today. 

Nurture Your Beliefs and Stop Blaming Others 

The third thing is your beliefs. Stop blaming the environment, the economy, coronavirus, or whatever current situations you are in today. These are all negative beliefs. Sometimes we have to change our beliefs that are no longer serving us, so we can then move forward in our business and attract those clients to us. 

Most of the time, businesses are not attracting clients due to some internal factors. Ask yourself, “Do I have negative beliefs that stop clients from being attracted to me to do business with me?” If you acknowledge that you have some negative beliefs and stay true to yourself, reach out to me to easily change those negative beliefs.  


Those beliefs can easily be changed with just a little bit of help. We change the neurology, so you think differently. Once you think differently, then you attract a different outcome.