Have you heard of group coaching?

It’s what a lot of people are teaching nowadays. I want to share with you something different. I want to share why group coaching or group sessions may not be the best for your business.

We hear a lot of coaches out there going leverage a time to do group coaching sessions and do group masterminds. A lot of times that’s not quite right for a lot of coaches or business owners and I want to explain what I mean about this.

First, if you’re starting out, you want large amounts of income coming in very quickly.

When you do a group coaching session or a mastermind group, it tends to be a lower dollar figure.

You have people paying 27, 47, and 197 to get the numbers in. However, if you do a one-on-one coaching client, they may pay you two and a half thousand or five thousand per month for six months which brings you a better cash flow.

Second, you have to find more people.

If you get one coaching client for five thousand dollars then that’s one coaching client. How many coaching clients in a group coaching session do you have to find to earn the same five thousand dollars?

It’s a lot more which leads me to my next point, you have to do a lot more activity, a lot more marketing, a lot more campaigning promotion to get that amount of people into your group coaching session.

If you’re starting out. gathering that many people to give you income of that magnitude takes a lot of effort, so sometimes in business, we say let’s spend some time strategically finding those one-on-one coaching clients who have more money.

You do less work, less time and you can bring instant cash flow in. You will have some cash flow to promote and do other group coaching sessions.