Do you know that your greatest blessing is your health? When you are healthy you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy what life has to offer. Unfortunately, not a lot of us think about our health when ideally it should be a top-of-mind priority. Perhaps the only time we do get to think about it is when we are already sick. And this is what I want to talk to you about today, why health is not so important to some people.

The reason why some people do not consider their health a priority is because they have limiting beliefs. When you have beliefs around a subject such as health, you have two options you can either create a positive belief or destroy limiting beliefs. The decision is up to you. When it comes to health, people usually have three common limiting beliefs that I believe are holding them back and that’s what I am going to discuss now.

The first limiting belief is when people say they don’t have enough time. Remember that we are all given the same amount of time every day. We have twenty-four hours a day to make use of what we can do. If other people can find time to exercise no matter how busy they are, why can’t you? The reason is that you keep making excuses for yourself. If you decide to exercise you will find the time. Start by changing your statement from “I should exercise” to “I must exercise.” When you change your statement to a must there is a sense of urgency compelling you to make it a priority.

The second limiting belief that I hear often is that it’s too expensive. They come up with all these excuses like a personal trainer costs a lot or that getting a complete set of gym gear is too costly or they couldn’t afford a dietitian. But really if you sum up all the expenses you’ll be paying for your health care when you do get sick or the time away from your business or from your family, I want to ask you, how much is that worth to you? Most people only realise how valuable their health is when they are deprived of it. Do yourself a favour and make your health a priority by including it in your budget.

The third limiting belief I hear a lot is I’m not motivated. You see motivation doesn’t come naturally and it’s one of the most difficult to achieve, that’s why you need to work at it on a continuous basis. We all struggle with motivation and even the fittest individual in your gym has days when he doesn’t want to get up and exercise. But you know what makes him the fittest? Despite not wanting to, he gets up anyway and does what he is supposed to because he is determined to see results. The key to staying motivated is to focus on your goal. Feed your mind with positivity every day so you won’t feel demotivated.

So these are the three limiting beliefs that are stopping you from becoming the healthiest version of yourself. If there are voices in your head saying that you don’t have the time or that you don’t have the money or that you’re not motivated, tune them out and focus all your energy on your goal. Change your limiting belief so you can prioritise your health and wellbeing. Trust me, your future self will thank you for it.

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