In this blog post, I want to discuss why having one-on-one coaching clients is great for business.

We get told a lot that we should be doing group masterminds and one-on-one coaching doesn’t leverage your time. However, a lot of times when you’re starting out as a coach and in your coaching business, to get those one-on-one coaching clients brings a great amount of income, large amounts over a six-month period, if you’re following my coaching business model.

Why do we want one-on-one coaching clients?

It’s because they pay a higher dollar value compared to somebody in a group coaching where it’s usually a lesser value because they’re not getting you a hundred of your time exclusive to them.

The other thing why one-on-one coaching clients are great for business is that there’s less marketing around attracting those one-on-one clients.

They normally come from referral or you’ve met them through another event. They may come in the group coaching arena. You’ll meet them and it’ll be more of an intimate conversation.

You won’t go out marketing, cold calling to get people to coach one-on-one with you.

The third thing is it’s less time. You’re not doing so many sequences of the mastermind group.

If you’re running a mastermind group where it might be weekly, you do the one-on-one coaching, one hour for a fortnight if you’re following my coaching model in the ideal weeks.

You don’t want to be one-on-one coaching all day, every day if you want to leverage time.

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