Almost everyone is on social media. Heck, even my mother has an active social media account. There’s no denying that with the advent of the Internet and with the inception of social media platforms, people, particularly potential customers, are swarming on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There’s no wonder why business owners are doing everything they can to get a thousand likes on Facebook and a thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram. But you see, social media doesn’t work for everyone.

I hear people say to me they’ve been posting non-stop on Facebook and they’ve studied the times when people are most active but despite their best efforts they don’t get engagement, they don’t get people buying from them. Do you know why? It’s because they’re doing it all wrong. If you’re not getting any sales it doesn’t mean you should give up on social media.

I’ve discovered 3 tips that will make social media work for you.

Tip 1: Know Where Your Ideal Clients Are Hanging Out

You can spend all day and all night posting on Facebook and still be disappointed that no one is buying from you. Why? Well, it could be that Facebook is not the platform where your ideal clients are hanging out. They could be on Instagram or on LinkedIn so no matter what you do; you will never get any sales because your posts are not reaching them. It is important that you know where they are so you can strategise your posts accordingly. Instead of going where YOU want to hang out, go to social media platforms where your customers are hanging out. In that way you are connecting, marketing and engaging with the right audience.

Tip 2: Don’t Just Sell To Them

To get sales, you need to sell to people. But selling directly to your customers without building a relationship with them first is not a smart move. When your social media is constantly screaming, “Buy from me!” all the time, instead of attracting people you are actually driving them away. My advice is that you get to know your customers first. Build a relationship with them, engage with them, talk to them and then when they get to know who you are and realise that your morals and core values resonate with them, they will gladly do business with you.

Tip 3: Get Them Off Social Media

Last but definitely not least is to get your customers off social media sites. You don’t own those sites and it could shut down anytime. If it does, you’ll lose your customers altogether. So don’t wait for that day to happen. As soon as you connect with them entice them to opt in to your database so you can have access to them with or without social media. In your database, that’s where you can really connect and engage with them and by opting in it means they want to hear more from you too!

If you are wondering why social media isn’t working for you, wonder no more because you have not been using it correctly. These three tips will definitely make social media work for you.