Why your product or service is not important? It’s not important when you’re growing your business; it’s not important when you want to earn more income; it’s not important when you’re growing a lifestyle. 

You Have A Great Product and Service

When we start a business, we know we have a great product and service and people really don’t care about that. If you’re focused on your product, and designing and building, there are ways to build a product and you need to spend time on it but some coaches who build and spend time, hours on hours, months on months building their product and what happens is they look at other people in their industry and “what are they doing”, “what are they selling” and “then I need to redevelop mine” and “I need to change mine up” and you start competing with other people.

What Happens When You Start Competing With Other People?

You start focusing on their business and are not focused on yours. Get focused on yours, have a great product, know it’s great, you don’t have to redevelop it just because someone else has changed their marketing or changed their product or service. Stick with what you know, stick with what you believe in and don’t compete and get unfocused.  

Talk About Your Experiences

The next thing that’s important is about your experiences. This is about your expertise. Expertise is not the Ph.D. or Uni-degree or any other certificate you’ve got hanging on the wall, but it’s about your life experiences.

If people can relate to the challenges you’ve been through, the why are you doing this… because you had a challenge, you overcome it and now you want to share with other people how to do that, that’s important.

Sharing out your life experiences, your expertise, your knowledge, and your insights and your learnings and the challenges you’ve overcome are much more important than your product and service when you’re starting to grow your business.

Building Relationships

If you follow my videos and follow me anywhere in social media, you’ll hear me talking about strategic alliances. Build relationships with other people who are helping people that you want to help and really find them in your community and your environment and connect with them and share to their community your experiences and your expertise. 

When You’re Growing Your Business:

✓ DO NOT GET UNFOCUSED and TRY and COMPETE WITH OTHER PEOPLE, particularly on price.

✓ Secondly, SHARE OUT YOUR EXPERIENCES, your challenges, how you overcome them, and your expertise.


Those three things will build your business quicker any day than worrying about the intricate details of your product. 

If you want to know more about growing your coaching business, reach out to me and I will have a discovery session with you, a FREE 30-minute DISCOVERY SESSION where we can chat about your challenges in growing your business and we will roll our sleeves up and go to work and make sure that you absolutely know what your next steps are.

It might be around BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS it might be about SHARING YOUR MESSAGE, and we can talk about these things that may be challenging you in your business.