Why are people aren’t buying from you? Let me discuss about the eight steps to selling from stage. When I say stage, that might be on a webinar, that might be in a boardroom, or a larger audience, anywhere in the world. I want to share with you the eight steps that you need to take them through the selling process, because if you miss one of these steps, then the likelihood of them buying from you at the end is lessened.

If you want the opportunity to sell the most and if you follow these eight steps, you will nail it. Once you realise the eight steps, it’s very easy to follow through. Firstly, you must position them. Why do they need the product? Why do they need it from you? And why do they need it now? And why is it for them? Second point is your Unique Selling Position or Proposition. Why are you different, or your product, or your service, or your package, different from anything else that they’ve heard?

The third step is you need to seed the solution. What’s the solution for them? You’re just sowing that seed of what you’re about to sell. Fourthly, showcase your package. What is your product? What is your service? What are you offering them? And showcase that. The next step, which is step five is call to action. You must exactly tell your audience what you need to do. Is it run to the back of the room? Is it to click on a link? Is it go to a website? Is it say yes in a comment section? What do they actually need to do?

The next step is to let your audience know of the final offer. That is, how much do they need to pay, and what are they getting for their bang for the buck? The second last step is adding a bonus. You always should add more value to what you’re offering. The eighth step is your final offer, so you get all of this and your bonuses, and encompass all of it.

If you follow those eight steps, you will nail it every time. I hope these eight steps will help you sell from the stage. I know they work for me. I know they work for speakers in my SMJ Coaching Institute. I delve into these eight steps at my, Grow Your Speaking Biz Workshop which is being held here on the Gold Coast in August. I say that with excitement because we do have the opportunity to have people live in the room, or you can attend my live event virtually.

This is not a webinar, this is not a Zoom meeting. This is attending my actual live event. I would love you to join me, and I will share with you all the knowledge and expertise around those eight steps to make sure that you have your sell running very succinctly, and having great outcomes at the end.