Let me share with you about why people do not buy from you, and whether that’s in a presentation, in a boardroom, virtually or on the stage, and whether they buy a product, buy a service, or even buy into a different way of thinking that you may have shared with them or a strategy that you may have shared with them.

I want to share with you why people don’t take action on what you’re sharing with them. There’s a couple of things. Firstly, most people deliver the ‘what’ instead of the ‘why.’ What I share with my speakers who are in my SMJ Coaching Institute is that other people who are speakers from stage, tend to just talk about the what.

What you have to deliver is the ‘why.’ Why them, why you, why now, why this. That’s what they want to know. Like hairdressers, they’re a dime a dozen, or any industry, there’s many people doing similar things. They get the what, “You cut hair but why should I go to your salon?” Firstly, look at your presentation and identify, is it a ‘what’ or is it a ‘why?’ Make sure you’re delivering the ‘why.’

The second point to that is, why do you do what you do? They want to know why you’re passionate about this, why you are now sharing this from the stage, why you are helping people grow themselves and their businesses? And the third component is your actual story.

You really need to be sharing your story about how you have got to this place right now – standing in front of them, presenting what you’re presenting, how did you get there? Where did you come from? All of this, it all encompasses a ‘why.’ Why are you doing it, why do you do what you do? The why encompasses your story – why should they be listening to you? They’re my three points for you today. When people are not buying from you, you haven’t covered off on enough ‘why.’ You’ve probably, if you’re honest with yourself, talked about the ‘what.’