If you’re in a coaching business right now and people are consistently saying no to you, there are three things that will help you get people to say yes.

  1. You haven’t given them enough why.

Why you? Why them? Why this? Why now? They’re the four “whys.” You must cover off on those four “whys” and give them lots of “whys,” so they have enough to say yes. As soon as someone says no, ask yourself, have you given them enough “why”?

  1. You haven’t built rapport or a relationship with that person.

Sometimes we think we have rapport. “I think they like me. They do like me.” That’s your perception but check in and make sure you have a strong rapport with those people and have a really solid relationship. When you ask them to engage you as a coach, they will naturally say yes.

  1. They don’t believe you.

If you stand in front of somebody and you say, “I understand this absolute challenge you have. I’m going to change your life and it’s going to be gone forever. I’m going to charge you $297.” It’s not believable.

People do not believe that for $297, you are absolutely going to change their life forever. But if you said, “I’m going to change your life forever. The problem and the pain you’re experiencing right now will be gone forever and I’m going to charge you $20,000 to do that.”

They will believe you because that pain will be worth twenty thousand or forty thousand or fifty, depending on your package but it is more believable. Increase your prices so they believe that what you’re offering is of great value. Make sure that you are absolutely certain that them paying you twenty thousand dollars, you are going to change their life forever.

If you want to find out more about how to get clients to say yes, come along to my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop and I will share absolute simple strategies to get them to say yes to you every time and how you can incorporate these three steps into your conversations with those potential clients.