This a bit of a negative, but it’s a question you’re probably have been asking yourself. Asking yourself a ‘Why’ question is not a really great question, but there are some tips around why you may not have achieved your goals.

Firstly, they may have been too big and you got overwhelmed. You were like the deer in the headlights, and you got stuck and you didn’t move forward. You didn’t have the strategies to be able to maneuver or navigate those goals.

The second thing is, you didn’t truly believe that you could achieve your goals, “ I’m going to earn a 100 million dollars this year,” and you’re earning zero. You say it with confidence but you don’t truly believe it within your core or that you could actually do that. If you have that one ounce of disbelief, then you will not achieve.  When you set your goals you must make sure that you 110% believe that you will achieve it.

The third thing is you didn’t take action. It’s one thing to do all the talking but not the walking. You set the goals, then we just think that it’s all going to happen. You get to the end of the year, and we didn’t achieve that goal because… because…because…You usually blame somebody.

Then you set bigger goals for next year thinking that the next year is going to be amazing, but we’re still not taking action. When you set these goals, you need to chunk down into steps and then each action you take in your daily life and your business. Your daily structure should be leading you to that goal.

I would love to offer you an opportunity to spend 30 minutes with me
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I will guarantee you that after our conversation you will have clarity on what your next step will be. That’s the only thing.