When I meet people who are successful in their industry, I casually tell them to engage a coach when the opportunity arises not because I am a coach but because I know how helpful having one is. More often than not, they give me a puzzled look like I’ve just grown two heads. I am assuming that in the back of their minds they are thinking if I’m crazy to suggest they invest in someone they don’t need. Well, that’s where they’re wrong because when you are truly serious about success, your goals never end. Goal setting is a continuous process. It’s not about discontentment but it’s about striving to improve and be better.


If you consider yourself successful, should you engage a coach? Obviously, my answer would be yes and I am going to explain why.


Coaches don’t have superpowers. You shouldn’t expect them to make impossible things possible for you but when you have a good coach by your side, you’ll be able to see problem areas in your business that you’ve never seen before. Think of coaches as sensors; with their knowledge, experience and expertise, they can easily detect what areas need changing and improving. Coaches are trained to help business people, like you and me, grow.


Take Arun Apte for example. He is the CEO and the founder of Premier Biosoft and CloudLIMS.com. Both companies are very profitable. But why would Arun Apte still be interested in engaging a coach despite his lucrative businesses? In one interview he said, “I hired a coach because I want and need accountability. I want to push myself – and that’s hard to do without someone holding me accountable. I want an outside perspective. I want to learn from people who’ve helped run dozens of companies, not just two, like me. My coach has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 15 years. He’s seen companies come and go – he knows where to look for problems and he has a knack for knowing when I’m slacking off or what I’m avoiding. It’s like hiring a secret weapon.”


Arun Apte, despite his success, still believes that engaging a coach is good for him and his business because a coach can offer accountability, outside perspective and lessons based on experience. These things can only be taught by coaches and not some self-help book you can find in a library or 5-minute video clip on YouTube.


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