Have you ever had plans and wondered why they didn’t pan out? If you’re still wondering why, I have the answer for you – it’s because of distractions. It all boils down to distractions, whether it’s in life or in business. These distractions are what is stopping you from reaching your goals. Today, I want to talk about three types of distractions.

Firstly, I call them external influencers. External influencers come in a variety of forms; they could be people, your suppliers, your solicitor, your accountant, your bookkeeper or it could even be your customers. How can you overcome these distractions? It’s simple, don’t allow them to influence you negatively. Don’t give these distractions the power to stop you from achieving your goal. Stick to your plan and tune out these distractions so you can concentrate on what needs to be done.

Secondly, I call them inner influencers. Inner influencers are composed of your inner circles; they are your close friends, your partner, and your family. Every single one of them wants your attention and your time. They might invite you over for dinner or ask you to have coffee with them or have drinks with them at the pub, etc. Your partner and family will also demand quality time from you. I’m not saying you should avoid your family or friends but you have power over your time and you have the ability to multitask. For example, if your sister wants to havea chitchat with you in the morning, invite her to come with you during your morning walk or run. That way, you’re still on schedule, you’re still following the same routine and you were able to squeeze some sister bonding time in while you were at it.

Thirdly, I call it an internal influencer. Your internal influencer is none other than yourself. This is by far the biggest influencer in your life because you will find every excuse and every reason not to do the things you are supposed to be doing. You might even tell yourself stories to distract you from working on your plan. Once you realise this, stop immediately. Never allow distractions to hinder youfrom reaching your highest potential.

When you are setting goals and planning, always remember these three influencers.

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