Do you know why values are important? It’s because values define the choices you make. They have the power to take your business to the next level but they also have the power to take you down. In a way, your values can dictate the future of your life and of your business and that is what I want to talk about today.

Firstly, I want to know, what are your values in your business right now? Where you are in your business is a reflection of your values. Many of us go through the motions every day without taking the time to ask ourselves, “What is most important in my business?” I always ask my coaching clients what their priorities are, especially if they are in partnership because when you’re in partnership, your values have to be aligned. Therefore, what you need to do is identify what your values are. Ask yourself what is important to you.

Secondly, it has to be your unconscious values, not your conscious values. You can always tell yourself you want to earn loads of money but it doesn’t mean that it’s a true unconscious value for you. When I am working with my coaching clients, I see to it that I draw these from their unconscious minds because it’s more effective this way. This is also how they get real results. You see, if you keep saying, “I want more clients” and it’s just from your conscious mind, it will be nothing but a chant and it won’t help you, but if you know deep inside what truly matters to you, you will find ways to take action so you can make it happen.

List down your top five values. If income is not listed in your top five then, that alone, could already affect the income of your business. As a coach, I make sure that my clients consider income as a top priority. If income is important to them then it means they want to attract customers, sell more products and grow their business. If income is at number five or six or seven or further down your list, then you need to move it up.

Thirdly, your values can be changed. The values you have today can be changed. In fact, they should change with time. I have a process that will help you with that and I use it with my coaching clients. What I want is to ensure that whatever your value is, whether it’s income, profit or abundance, it has to be up in your top five list. Nonetheless, if you are consciously doing your list then that is not your true value.

As a coach, I always encourage my clients to put income as a priority so they can unconsciously go about their business and generate more income without thinking about it or trying too hard. Business is not hard and neither is it difficult as long as your values are in alignment with what you want to achieve in your business. If you need help changing your values, you can always come to me as I have a process that will put your business on the right track. You can send me an email or a text and I will help catapult your income with lesser work.

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