Winter is coming, it’s almost here. When you go through troubled times, when it gets a bit cold, and the temperature, when you do go through some challenging times in your business, we tend to have choices around whether we cocoon ourselves, whether we stay at home, get into bed under a warm blanket and cocoon up while waiting for the winter to pass, or we can bloom.

There are many plants and animals that bloom out in the winter months which thrives during these cold times, thrive through the blizzard. You make the choice; do you want to cocoon, or do you want to bloom? The other thing that comes with winter is, you get a chance to reset.

Have a really good thinking time about your business, your life, your relationships, your health and well-being, your self-care, and have a chance to draw the line in the sand. Make sure that you are heading in your true path, the direction that you wanted to, that you haven’t lost your way during the snowstorm, that you stay focused on where you want to go.

The third thing, it’s a chance to build. You get the chance to build your business, build product and services to offer out to people. While there’s a blizzard outside, you can knuckle down and really build an amazing business for yourself.

Yes, winter is coming. Winter may even be here for some of you, but you get the chance to either cocoon or bloom. You get the chance to reset and you get the chance to build. Go ahead and embrace these blizzard times while we go through a little bit of a cold snap and make sure that we come out, waiting for the summer to appear at the end. Make sure that you are taking advantage of the seasonal changes in our business.