Yes, it is.

In your business and life, you are likely to come across people with different personality traits and quirks. Dealing with them may be quite challenging and stressful. Being able to read them is an invaluable skill that will serve you well. You will be able to learn know how to handle people such as clients, colleagues, employees, family, friends, and others.

You can learn, practice, and hone this skill through the use of personality assessment tools. One such tool is DISC Profile.

DISC Profile is a popular and widely-used personality and behaviour assessment tool. It lets you learn about yourself as well as learn about the people you come in contact or work with. It lets you “predict your behaviour towards others and the everyday things that you do”.

DISC Profile determines an individual’s personality profile that is measured through these DISC factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness (DISC). All of these DISC factors have positive as well as negative features.

D – Dominance

The “D” in DISC stands for Dominance, the factor often connected to “control”. The D individuals focus on achieving and maintaining control over others and the environment where they live and work. These individuals are competitive and ambitious, and enjoys challenges and difficult situations. They are independently-minded, focused on success, and very effective in getting things done. In situations where they need to work with others, they will tend to give orders rather than ask for cooperation from people that they need to work with.

I – Influence

“I” is for Influence. People with high-I’s is, generally, described as “people person”. They are warm, open, and have well-developed social skills in meeting and talking with other people. They desire openness, so much so that others might view them as tactless. But their natural communication skills often lets them out of sticky situations, which resulted from their lack of tact.

S – Steadiness

“S”, the third factor, is for Steadiness. Individuals with this dominant trait are patient, undemanding, sympathetic, and loyal to those around them. They have high concentration that allows to work steadily until a task is completed. They work best when they are given instructions and support. They dislike confrontation or conflict, but when such thing arises, they would take the role of peacemaker.

C – Compliance

C is for Compliance, which the “factor of caution and precision”. High-Cs individuals are practical, detail-oriented, and sticklers for rules and structure. They are focused on achieving goals and objectives. But they lack assertiveness, and would rather work with planning and structure than taking a proactive approach.

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