Do you know that you can take full advantage of your existing products and/or services in your business and really improve on your sales even without adding new products or services to your lineup? Yes you can and that is what I want to share with you today.

Business owners who have already established their businesses in the market place have the tendency to relax. This is not unheard of and in my opinion these people seem to be content at the rate of how their business is growing. Perhaps they are satisfied with their sales and no longer desire to improve their profit. A real business owner is never satisfied. You should always have that drive to discover more ways to improve your business and increase your profitability.

If you want to know how this is done, allow me to share with you my secret that can significantly improve and catapult your business. All you need to do is to adopt three highly effective business strategies that will open your eyes and make you realise that you have more to sell than you think.

 #1 Strategy: Know The Cost Of Your Product

 Setting a price for your product or service is not as easy as one might think because you need to consider all aspects of your product including all the expenses spent to produce it. A lot of businesses offer various products but sadly they don’t know how much it costs them to produce it. Most of the time they set a price way lower than its ideal price. In other words, your product or service may be incorrectly priced. More often than not it is undervalued. So you need to know every single cent spent including the labour for you to come up with the right price.

#2 Strategy: What Will Your Customers Pay?

 It’s not unusual for business owners to hold back on their prices for fear that their customers will find them too expensive. These people would justify that customers would never pay that much for a particular product or service. Well guess what, they can and they will definitely pay for it as long as the price is right most especially if they are more than satisfied with the product or service you are offering. Pricing can be a struggle and that is why you need to really make the right calculations because if you undervalue your product or service customers will think that what you are offering to them is substandard and this is something you need to avoid. If your price is right you will attract better customers. So what if you charge high, customers who are happy with what you have to offer will pay for your products no matter the cost.

#3 Strategy: What Other Products Can You Sell Your Current Customers?

 One surefire secret to the success of your business is to let your customers know ALL of your products and services and making sure you don’t leave a single one out. Sure they may not need that now but in the future they might need it or if they come across someone who they think will need it or can benefit from it they can immediately refer you to them.

So these are my three business strategies to help improve your business. If you want to know more about growing your business I am happy to offer a 30-minute FREE discovery session with you where we can talk about anything and everything about your business. We can talk more in depth about setting prices within that thirty minutes. My details are all over social media or you can contact me via my website

Also, if you think this blog post can add value to your family, friends and colleagues, I would appreciate it if you share this with them as well. Thank you and I hope you learned a lot from this short read.