When you decide to venture into business you need to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically because once you’re in, it’s going to be a roller coaster ride. For someone who has been in the industry for quite a while, I’ve learned that apart from these preparations, you also need to have one of two things, money or time. I want to talk about these two things today.

When starting out in business, you need a ton of money. I know that in reality, not all of you may have a ton of money but for those who do; this can be very helpful if you are going to market and make your brand known. For those of you who are reading this right now you’re probably thinking “this isn’t me” and I totally understand because I have yet to meet the person with a ton of money when they start their business.

People who start out without that much cash usually skimp and save just to make it through the week. I can vividly remember when John and I started HydroKleen and when we first embarked in the franchising business we had no other source of income and we didn’t have a backup plan. The business was our only income and that’s where we got our cashflow. I don’t usually share this in the public domain but there was a time when John and I literally had to forage around in the console of his car just to look for change so we can buy milk because we had zero cash.

It may seem hard to believe but that is the truth. At the beginning we had no cashflow and we had no other choice but to depend on selling franchises as fast as we could just to get that cashflow going. I want to share this with you because we are just like everyone else, we didn’t make it here because we had a ton of money to support our business but we had the passion and the drive to make it work and lucky for us, it did.

The second thing you need if you haven’t got money is time. While it’s true that not everyone has tons of money one thing is for sure, time is the one thing that is equal in all of us. We don’t have the same education, we don’t share the same upbringing or the same background and we don’t have the same amount of money. Nothing is equal to everyone except time.

All of us have the same exact amount of time in a day. What I always advise business owners who are starting out is if you don’t have the money then you should at least give it time especially when you are marketing your business. There are so many marketing strategies you can find that are either very low-cost or free. You don’t have to spend lots of money on marketing if you don’t have it. Sure, you’ll have plenty of options if you have the budget but if you don’t have it then make use of your time to be resourceful so you can find clever and frugal ways to market your business.

Use your strategic alliances, use your network, heck you can even use your family to make your business known. I ask my family to hand out business cards to promote my business and they do it because they love me and they have a desire for me to succeed. My partner, John, also helps promote my business. This will all add up if you do it consistently. Do what you can do with the resources you have and eventually you’ll see progress.

So these are the two things, money or time. If you don’t have the money, you know you can always count on time to help grow your business.
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